UFO’s, Ghosts and Prayers are not just for crazy people.

  I am not crazy. I’m not. I am very sane. When I watch shows like Ghost Hunters, UFO documentaries and so on, I always seem to think  “Man those people are nuts!” Yet I have seen ghosts and UFO’s. I always seem to push that to the back of my mind. Maybe it’s because everyone who ever claims to see those things seems some how crazy.

  It all started back when I was a kid. Probably 10 years old. I lived on a navy base in the middle of the Mojave desert in California called China Lake. I was used to hearing and seeing jets, weather balloons, spy planes and other new things that the navy was testing. However most of it was done during the day. Well, one night I was on my back patio just after sundown. I looked up and maybe 200 feet over my head I saw what looked like a giant bolt of lightning slowly go over my head. The whole thing only lasted about 5 to 10 seconds. I knew this was weird. I told my dad and he called a few people on the base and they said they knew nothing about it. He then called the radio station to see if anyone reported it. Again nothing. Oh well, I knew what I saw. It was unidentified. It was Flying. Not sure if it was an object.

Lets move on. When I was about 8 or 9 and living in that same house on the base, my great Aunt Betty who lived with us had passed away.  I then lived in her room. One night I woke up….maybe to pee, I don’t know. But as I sat up in bed I saw what looked like a flashlight in the hallway. At first I thought maybe my dad was doing something in another part of the house and using a flashlight. Then the thought hit me that we were being robbed or worse. I laid back down and hid under my covers. I pulled them back just far enough for me to peek out at the hallway. The light got closer. As I saw someone illuminated walking down the hall, I covered my face again with the covers and tried not to breath or make a sound. I heard nothing. I stayed as still as possible for about two minutes. When I still heard nothing, I decided to peek out again. This time I saw it clear as day. It was a ghost glowing and standing in my doorway. It looked like my Aunt Betty. I froze again, but this time my eyes were out of the covers. Me and the ghost must have looked at each other for what felt like a minute. Then just like that, it turned around and walked through the next door across the hall. Right through it. And went into my Great Grama Becker’s room. That was my Aunt Betty’s Sister. I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to my parents room right next door. They told me it was a dream. It was not. I was wide awake for all of it. I still remember it as clear as day. The whole thing lasted a long time. I was petrified. It happened, it was real. Later in life, my mom stayed at a bed and breakfast with friends and co-workers while on travel. That night a man and his dog walked into her room. She said hello to him and he just looked at her and walked away. The next morning she told everyone at breakfast. They all saw him too and had on other visits. But the man and the dog were not real. They were the resident ghosts. My mom believes the Aunt Betty story now.

About 11 years ago I was sitting at a casino in San Diego called Viejas. My parents and Ex-wife were with me. We would go to this casino when we heard that Keno jackpot machines were starting to get high. As locals, we knew when certain banks of machines were ready to hit the jackpot. All the locals knew. Certain groups of machines always seemed to hit at about the same amount of money every time. Give or take $10,000.  I sat there waiting for a machine for hours and finally got one. I put money in and got my Ex so she could play there. I again waited hours for another machine. Finally one came up on the other side away from her so I took it. She had spent most of the money we brought to try for this jackpot. It was $79,000 and we needed it. We had a lot of bills and were getting married. As I put my last $20 bill in…..I said a prayer in my head. something like…God forgive me for asking but I need help. I am broke and this jackpot would save me. I know you have bigger problems in this world. But at least consider letting me hit something big so we can just try longer for the jackpot. Now here is the thing. I was not a gambler. We did this only when there was a giant jackpot to win. My parents had used this system in the past and won about 20 jackpots. I had won one years earlier for $10,000. I had never prayed to God for gambling. But this one time I did. I wrapped up my prayer and hit the button on the machine. I won on that pull $680.00. WOW! Now we could try for a long time to win. As I played and played. I had other things on my mind. There was a kid I went to high school with named Tony Daniel. He was this really funny black kid. The class clown. He always inspired me to do comedy. Well just after high school he was the innocent victim of a drive by. My high school had sent me a note that week (The week I was gambling) saying that it was the last chance to buy a $200 brick to put out in front of the school with our names on it. I had been wanting to buy one in memoriam of Tony. I stopped gambling and prayed again. I said God, I really need this. And if I win I promise to buy that brick for Tony and contact his family somehow to let them know he was remembered and would have his own brick. I finished that prayer and pushed the button. And I instantly won $79,000.  Tony now has a brick in front of Patrick Henry High School in San Diego. His family was very happy.

  Finally, about 8 or so years ago, I was sitting on my front porch with my Ex at our house in Canoga Park, California. It’s a suburb of Los Angeles. It was about 5pm and pretty sunny with clear blue sky’s. I looked up and saw what I thought was a star. I said to her. Look a star. I have never seen a star in the middle of the day. She was like, wow that’s crazy. I then looked a little over from it and saw 4 more. I said those have to be balloons. There are no stars in the day time. We watched them and realized that they we moving. They are defiantly balloons we agreed. And then something happened. They all came from different places in the sky and gathered together to form a circle. Next, they all started spinning that circle in the same direction. I freaked out. so did she. I said holy crap those are UFO’s and ran to get my video camera. When I came back out, our neighbor Jon was there and was looking at them now too. I tried my best to find them with my camera but they were only coming out to the naked eye. The Camera did not have a good zoom feature. We watched them spin in the that circle for another 2 minutes and then they each shot off in their own direction and were gone like lighting bolts in an instant. Again we called, the radio, the FAA and the FBI. The FBI guy thought I was nuts. I’m probably on a list somewhere. But this time I had 2 other witnesses.

  Those things all really happened to me. They did. But for some reason, unlike others who those have happened to, those events didn’t change my life. I didn’t feel the need to go on a life quest of finding out the answers. I did find comfort in the ghost and prayers. Those things let me know that there is something out there greater than us. I was raised Catholic and was even an altar boy. But I lost religion years ago. I just didn’t believe in all the hocus pocus of it all. Especially all the man made rules. But I do know that there is a God and there are ghosts and that makes me happy. That knowledge makes it easier to get by. It made it easier when my brother died. I will see him again. I believe that.



~ by hollywoodvoice on March 6, 2011.

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