Woman…..wanna know what men really want from you?

  Let me start by saying that I think woman are to be loved, respected, heard, held, protected and in many cases to be treated like a queen. Men should go back to a time where they were more gallant. Flowers, poems and opening doors should not just be for anniversary’s, Valentines day or first dates. Most men have a lot of issues. A lot.  But that is for another blog.

  This is about what men need and want. What men expect from woman. Lets shorten this blog a ton by stating the obvious…… SEX. Lots of it and as often as possible. Ok that was a no brainer. Let’s move on to other things men want. This blog is not about every man, but it covers most men. Most good men. Men want to feel like a man. We need to woman to tell us we are good, strong, handsome, sexy, good providers and that we make you feel safe. We need you to protect our hearts and power. So many fights between men and woman go back to our hearts and power. Let me give you an example of what I mean….. If our wife or girlfriend goes out to the bar for girls night out, and men come up with free drinks and sits and talk with her and her girlfriends…….this may seem innocent enough, however to a man, we know other men. They want your time. Even if you do not flirt or even if the man is not overtly flirting, this is usually a problem. Here is why….as a man we don’t want another man to be able to buy your time with drinks. We have money that you can use to buy drinks. Not that you don’t have your own money, I am just saying we would rather buy you a drink than let another man do it. Also it is one of those situations that if we were there, this probably would not be happening. You were careless with our heart and you gave our power away. Do you understand? If not, ask yourself if it is ok if your man bought drinks with his friends and walked up to a group of woman and talked to them most of the night. If you still don’t get it, you never will. By the way, we want you to have a good time with your friends, we just hope that you will tell men on the prowl “No thanks”.

  A man wants to feel like the man of your dreams. So many woman love to talk about how hot they find some actor, sports star or rock star. Don’t! I know a lot of men do it too, but it is because you allow it. If he wants them tell him to go be with them.

  When you first date a guy, remember he may be the one. If he is the one and you told him all these things about other guys, you can’t take that back. Anything you ever say about another man will be burned into his brain for the rest of his life. Every man wants to be the best, the biggest, the sexiest and most handsome. Even if we aren’t, we want to be.

  Okay this next part you ladies are not going to like. Don’t shoot the messenger. I am just being honest. I have recently asked a diverse group of guys what they hate about woman. Here are some of the things I heard.

1. Don’t change your hair! We hate this. Every guy I talked to brought this up. If when we met you had long pretty blonde hair, that was what we wanted. Don’t cut it shorter and shorter every time you go to the salon. We notice. Don’t cut it short. If it was long when we met you, we like it long. Short hair reminds us of men. Halle Berry is sexy because she had short hair when we first saw her. Another no no is Bangs. They work for lots of woman, but, if you didn’t have bangs when we met, we passed up 50 girls with bangs to get to you. Why do you want purple hair now? If you had bangs and short purple hair when we met, then that is what we are attracted to. Do you get it?

2. We like woman, dress like one. Why is it that when we met, you were wearing skirts and dresses and now you wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday. I wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday, not you. Remember?

3. Save something for us. When we become the one, we want a part of you we can just call our own. If you have had sex in every way possible and every boyfriend before us was the one and got your heart as well, what does that leave us? Save something for the guy lucky enough to be your husband.

4. Cut ties with your Ex’s. We don’t want to see them, meet them or do anything with them. Most men live in the present, but when we are reminded of your past we get insecure and sad. Yes we had a life before you and you did the same, but now you are with us. We live in a wonderland with you in our heads. But as soon as a past love comes into our lives, wonderland goes away. Woman hate our ex’s but can never seem to get that we don’t like yours either.

  I’m sure there is so much more I could have put in this blog about all the things men want. Hell I believe a book could be written about it. But this is my first blog and I am not sure how much or how little to write. I think I will get used to what my readers want when they tell me. By the way, not everything I said above, do I completely agree with. But I know these things to be important to men. I am a man. I have dated. I was married. I am madly in love with a perfect woman who loves me. Again I also need to write a blog about the things woman want and the things wrong with men. It is just not this one. However, most things I said in here, can be turned right back around on men. I just decided to start off my blogs with something I had been thinking of a lot lately. I was going to turn this information into jokes for my act, but somehow that just never happened. Why waste the knowledge I collected?

  Finally, I think woman also need to keep in mind that men are people too. Most men. Some are dogs and some are wolves, but some are nice good guys. And I know a lot of woman have it in their DNA that “Good guy” means pussy and “Bad boy” equals fun. The words GOOD and BAD are in those quotes. One is good and one is bad. You get what you choose.  Anyway, good guys have dreams of their fairy tale lives with woman. We just don’t have any Disney movies all about the prince for you to reference.

I hope this helps. I think sometimes if you read something or sit though a seminar or class and just hear other people give opinions, sometimes a drop of gold falls out of their mouth that you can put in your tool box of life.



~ by hollywoodvoice on March 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Woman…..wanna know what men really want from you?”

  1. Dante,
    You are one of the “good guys” that puts it all out there for the love of your life. I have seen how much you love her.
    This is a great blog that a lot of women need to read. It helps us understand the real feelings of men and not the usual put on attitude some men express.
    Thank you for the insight.

  2. Wow! Looks like you covered lots of it! I will agree with everything you said on there.. Great job! Just hope that women start to apply some of this stuff..

  3. Great job! It’s hard to know what to put in and what to leave out and it’s hard to know who your audience will be, but you definitely made some good points! 🙂 (A couple things made me laugh out loud but they really resonated with me.)

  4. Dante! Great Blog! Well done for starting to write.

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